Epcot is Launching a New Space-Themed Restaurant That’s Out of This World

Credit: Disney

Epcot is going through some major changes this year!

Aside from the new Mary Poppins attraction in the Great Britain pavilion, the Moana-themed water maze and a Guardians of the Galaxy ride, the Disney theme park is unveiling a brand new eatery of cosmic proportions!

Called Space 220, guests will have the chance to dine among the stars. An extension of the park’s Mission: SPACE pavilion, the new restaurant will magically transport guests 220 miles above planet Earth to dock at Centauri Space Station. There, guests will be fully immersed in space with a panoramic view of the stars and planets.

The menu, according to the Walt Disney World website, will feature modern American cuisine and more than 1,000 bottles of wine and craft beers (for the older space travelers only of course).

Nick Valenti of Patina Restaurant Group, the company behind Space 220, said in a press statement that he is looking forward to welcoming guests to the new Space 220 restraint. “It will be an immersive culinary journey intended to celebrate the wonders of our solar system…”

Although scheduled to open this winter, no exact date has been confirmed yet. Are you excited for all the magical changes to come? Better start planning that upcoming Disney trip if you are!

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