Hatsune Miku to Make Her Coachella Debut This Year

Credit: Business Insider

The Vocaloid idol who sells out arenas in Japan will be performing at Coachella this year!

This year’s 2020 Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival lineup will include the famous Hatsune Miku, a Japanese holographic performer. She is not a real person; she is a combination of a software program and a virtual animated character.

She will be performing April 10th on Weekend 1 and April 17th on Weekend 2.

Hatusne Miku is a big deal back in Japan. She was first released by audio-media company Crypton Future Media in 2007 as a singing vocal synthesizer software called a Vocaloid. She was modeled after the voice of anime actress Saki Fujita and has the capacity to “sing” lyrics and phrases through a user’s text commands.

But aside from the abilities of the software, Hatsune Miku’s personified character is what made her famous. She is a 16-year-old Japanese pop idol with turquoise pigtails, usually wearing a silver vest, black miniskirt and a tie that matches her hair color.

Miku performed her first show in 2009 at Japan’s Saitama Super Arena and made her U.S. debut in 2011 at the Anime Expo convention in Los Angeles. Since then, Miku shows regularly sell out arenas.

But aside from Miku, this year, Coachella is bringing in more international acts, and especially Asian pop artists. Japanese pop idol Kyary Pamyu Pamyu will also perform, and K-pop idols BIGBANG and Korean hip-hop artist Epik High will also make an appearance.

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