New Titanic to Sail Through Original Crash Site

Credit: CBS News

The Titanic II is due to set sail in 2022.

Grand plans for the ship include replicating the original cruise liner, which sank after striking an iceberg in 1912.

Plans for this feat were originally revealed in April 2012 by Australian mining billionaire Clive Palmer. However, a series of financial disputes stalled the building of the ship until 2018 when Blue Star Line announced that the ship would finally be ready to sail by the new decade.

But since that statement came out, news on the ship has gone quiet, and a mystery remained as to where the ship was being constructed and what it would look like.

Although the last media release on the Blue Star Line website was on Dec. 17, 2018, the Australian company did explain the ship’s intention, which is to create an “authentic Titanic experience” with the same interiors and cabin layout as the original Titanic. Of course, everything will have up-to-date safety and navigation technology as well as modern day amenities.

Moreover, the Titanic II will follow the same route as its predecessor, which famously sank to the bottom of the ocean mid-voyage between Southampton and New York City.

But until the day a new announcement is made on the Titanic II, it seems like the project will “go on and on,” just like Celine Dion sang in 1997.

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