North Carolina to Host Pickle Fest This Spring

Credit: Carolina Country

This sure seems to be the year of pickles.

There are pickle candies for sale (even pickle-flavored cotton candy), pickle-flavored chips and most recently announced, the Pickle Rick chip from Pringles.

There is no doubt that pickles are delicious. The juicy, crunchy snacks are celebrated everywhere, but more so in North Carolina. And it’s not just because Mount Olive is literally the pickle capital.

Every year the state hosts the North Carolina Pickle Festival, a massive annual party for those that love their brined cucumbers. And of course, the festival is held in Mount Olive, NC. Aside from holding the biggest and most well-known pickle companies in the country, the location itself is famous for drawing in thousands of people for its annual pickle festival.

The event features all sorts of carnival games and rides, a 5K run, a pickle eating contest, a car show, a chili cook-off and more. There will even be live music from local musicians.

The two-day festival will take place on April 24 and 25, 2020. The exact address is 123 N. Center St., Mt. Olive, NC.

So, if you are one to celebrate pickles beyond just putting them on your burger or eating them fried, then this festival is definitely a destination that needs to be crossed off on your list!

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