Spread the Holiday Cheer with Christmas Tree Butter

Credit: Keller’s Creamery

While it is important to deck the tree out with lights and ornaments, it is also important to deck out your holiday table with festive items too!

If you are planning a holiday party or a Christmas brunch, lunch or dinner, then this mini centerpiece is sure to be a fun (and maybe questionable) addition to the table. The Keller’s Creamery Christmas tree butter is an impressive sight, standing on its own with four visible evergreen tree branch layers.

Containing four ounces of butter, the sculpture is only made from natural ingredients and milk from cows not treated with artificial growth hormones. Keller’s Creamery Christmas Tree Butter is also certified Kosher much like all of the brand’s products.

But butter is not just for the table; butter can also be an ornament that hangs on your Christmas tree! An actual Stick of Butter Glass Ornament exists and retails for $18. It’s the perfect gift for the special cook, foodie or butter-loving person in your family or group of friends.

The ornament is made of glass and is similar in size to a real stick of butter, being just a little over four inches long. Reviews say the ornament is nice and sturdy and even looks like a real stick of butter.

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