The Oddest Nail Polishes You Can Buy for Fresh New Looks

Credit: SinfulColors

What’s the weirdest shade you’ve ever painted your nails?

Whether it was a bright neon color or ornamented, just imagine taking those beautifully manicured nails and cracking into one of your favorite snacks. If Cheetos are your favorite, then you can now dig into a bottle of nail polish that smells just like the sweet and salty snack.

Available for purchase at Walmart, the Sweet & Salty Collection from SinfulColors, created by singer Bebe Rexha, includes six nail polishes, all of which pay homage to some favorite snack foods. The sweeter flavors include Chocolate Cake, Cookies and Cream, and Donuts. The salty selection includes Cheese Puff, Pizza Party, and Taco Tuesday. All of these food-inspired polishes contain realistic details to recreate the look and feel of the actual food item. Each polish is also scented exactly like their foodie counterpart.

But if the scent of food lingering on your fingertips doesn’t suit your taste, then how about the scent of balsam fir, lavender soap, and tropical rain? If you forgot to spritz on perfume in the morning, Revlon’s parfumerie is made specifically for your nail enamels to give you a crisp fresh scent.

If you want a healthier concoction for your nails, then make sure to coat your fingertips with the Nailkale Superfood Base Coat, a nail treatment antioxidant coating that is infused with kale extract to strengthen nails. The line also has a range of colored polishes for those that want to give their nails a healthy dose of kale alongside a fresh new look.

There’s so much more in the world of nail polish; whether you like the fuzzy look or want magnetic nails, the list is nearly endless when it comes to unique but fresh nail polishes.

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