YouTuber Arrested for Actually Trying to Storm Area 51

(Photo Credit: AFP)

Dude, we weren’t serious

Remember a few weeks back when we were all losing our minds about all the fun things we could do with new alien friends that were going to be broken free from Are 51? Good times man.

The Area 51 raid was the biggest meme to come out of the summer, but some people took the Facebook event page a little more seriously. Such is the case for two YouTube stars that were arrested for trespassing and filming on prohibited grounds at the government test facility.

The Nye Country Sherriff’s Office caught Ties Granzier and Govert Charles Wilhelmus Jacob Sweep making their way into the site before they were brought in for questioning by authorities. They admitted to seeing multiple ‘no trespassing signs’, admitted to understanding the meaning of the signs, and admitted they just wanted to get inside and see what was happening.

The two had come to Nevada after the Facebook event “Storm Area 51, They Can’t Stop All of Us” page has received more than 2 million “attending” notifications. In a very Fyre Festival moment, a spontaneous page creator tried to stem an EDM festival out of the popularity, saying the event would have “surprise performances” and was set to be held in Rachel, Nevada.

Unfamiliar with the town? It makes sense; the population is only 54. Though town officials didn’t take the 2 million RSVPs to heart, they were nervous that even a couple thousand guests would completely deplete the town of resources. The event was canceled after recognizing it would be another fraud.

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