3 Fashionable Men’s Watches With The Style Of A Timepiece

Diamonds might be a girl’s best friend but a fashionable watch could be considered a man’s best friend. A watch might be functional but a timepiece is a functional fashion statement that compliments any wardrobe.

Looking for an affordable timepiece could be tricky as a majority of labeled timepieces are in the luxury market with inflated prices. Fortunately for customers, more watch companies are providing affordable and versatile watches with the refined style of a timepiece.


One company, NOTU, started by two childhood friends that were tired of seeing watch companies create a $3 watch with packaging for less than a dollar and increasing the price by 50 to 70 times the production cost. The co-founders of NOTU wanted to create a better quality watch at a lower price staying true to the meaning of their Old English brand name meaning use, enjoyment, and advantage.

All watches made by NOTU are made with top-quality materials including premium stainless steel, Seiko quartz movements, and interchangeable premium leather straps. All NOTU watches have a three-year manufacturer warranty that guarentees the quality of their watches.

NOTU offers a variety of interchangeable watch straps in multiple colors to match any casual or formal outfit. The NOTU watch is also versatile in use featuring a dual time zone function on subdials including a military time subdial. NOTU is also offering a special sale with discounted watches as low as $60 for the 20 Series watch for their Black Friday sale with no promo code needed along with fast and free shipping.


(Photo: MVMT)

MVMT is a company that specializes in watches for men and women but the men’s watches feature high-end styles with an affordable price tag. One of MVMT’s best sellers is the Voyager Eclipse that is all gold with a black watch dial for $150.

MVMT offers a variety of dials including minimalist timepiece styles or a bigger traditional style watch featuring metal, leather, and canvas straps. This watch company also offers an accessory line including eyewear and jewelry with the refined style of the collection.

3. Nixon

(Photo: Nixon)

This watch brand is best known for its sports watch styles that are great for lovers of the outdoors but they also offer more refined styles that look more like a timepiece rather than a simple watch. One of Nixon’s most popular watch option is the Santry Leather with a manual dial and leather band starting at $165.

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