Rent a Bunk Bed for $1,200 a Month

Credit: Podshare

Can’t afford an apartment or house? Why not rent a bed?

Housing costs have become so expensive these days that people are actually renting bunk beds in a communal home for $1,200 a month. Yes, you read that right. A bed.

Cities like San Francisco and Los Angeles are expensive to live in, so in order to make up for the shortage on available housing, PodShare is renting dormitory-style lodging and providing tenants a co-living experience.

Of the 220 beds available, PodShare membership holders can select one or more pods at six locations across Los Angeles and one in San Francisco. No deposit or commitment is required. Members get a bed, a locker, WiFi and the chance to meet fellow “pod-estrians.” Each pod includes a shelf and a personal television. Food is also available, but it’s the typical college staples like cereal and ramen. Toiletries like toothpaste and toilet paper are also included.

While many might scoff at the idea of renting a bed, younger generations are embracing the idea, saying that it’s simply a new form of housing, and offers so many different living arrangements that are both convenient and cheap. One thing PodShare does not have is privacy, but many people don’t seem to mind as the majority of those renting the bunk beds are younger people.

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