Shanghai Disney Shuttered Due to COVID Outbreak

Credit: Unsplash

Patrons were forced to remain in the park until they could submit a negative test.

On Monday, the usual massive influx of guest’s to Shanghai’s Disney resort received a sudden message during their stay at the park: positive COVID-19 cases had been confirmed on the premises. Due to China’s controversial “zero-COVID” policies, this required the park to shutter for the day, while all of the patrons were required to remain on the property until they could submit a negative COVID-19 test.

During this time, no visitors were allowed into or out of the park, with authorities guarding the entrances to prevent either. Phone videos taken by patrons at the time show large quantities of patrons attempting to leave the park when the announcement went out, only to find the gates already locked and under guard. While patrons waited to submit COVID-19 tests, the park was still operating, albeit at a limited capacity, with only a few rides and attractions remaining open.

This is the second time Shanghai Disney has been shuttered with patrons inside due to COVID policies, with the most recent instance being last November when 30,000 guests were forced to remain in the park while testing was carried out.

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