What’s the Best Place to take a Nap?

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What’s your ideal spot for some quick winks?

I find I appreciate the art of the daytime nap more as grow older. When you’re a kid, you have a seemingly inexhaustible wellspring of energy to draw from at all hours of the day. When you get older, it’s pretty normal to just suddenly become tired in the early afternoon. If you try to go to sleep completely, though, you’ll throw off your circadian rhythm, so this is when a 20-minute power nap is ideal. But where should one take their power naps? Answer a few questions, and we’ll see if we can guess your favorite nap spot.

  • How Badly Do You Need a Nap Right Now?

    • I can wait
    • I’m a little sleepy
    • I’m actively looking for a spot
    • I’m on the verge of collapsing
  • What Do You Need With You to Sleep?

    • A blanket
    • A pillow
    • A blanket and pillow
    • Nothing in particular
  • When’s the Best Time for a Nap?

    • Late morning
    • Early afternoon
    • Evening
    • Night
  • What Sound Helps You Sleep?

    • Silence
    • TV
    • Ambient house sounds
    • Nature sounds

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