Which Big Cat are You?

Credit: DinoAnimals.com

Cue the Lion King intro.

Last week, I binge-watched Tiger King on Netflix, the twisty tale of Joe Exotic, his various… endeavors, let’s call them, and the state of big cats in the United States. Crazy show, cuh-razy. I think lions and tigers are those animals that people think about more when they’re kids, and then a lot less when they’re adults (unless they’re given a reason to). They are beautiful animals, though, and they certainly deserve better treatment than being cooped up by whackos in spandex.

Today, let’s give some thought to our larger feline friends and what they mean to us. Answer a few questions, and we’ll tell you who the king of your personal jungle is.

  • How do you get what you want?

    • Let it come to you
    • With your strength
    • Chase it down
    • Outsmart it
    • Surprise it
  • What’s the best kind of meal?

    • Something hearty and filling
    • Something quick and tasty
    • Something nutritious and energizing
    • Something fancy and complicated
    • Something small and easy-to-eat
  • What’s the most important part of your look?

    • Your hair
    • Your clothes
    • Your shoes
    • Who you hang out with
    • Where you spend time
  • Where do you like to spend time?

    • At home with your family
    • Out on the town
    • On the road
    • Somewhere quiet
    • Somewhere strange or out of the way
  • What’s your best feature?

    • Your powerful stature
    • Your physical strength
    • Your impressive speed
    • Your calculating mind
    • Your patience and craftiness

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