Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn Call It Quits After 6 Years

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From forever to over: Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn’s shocking breakup after 6 years

Hold onto your hats, folks, because the rumor mill is spinning out of control over the news that Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn have ended their six-year-long relationship. According to insiders, the two lovebirds called it quits a few weeks ago, but neither has confirmed the split.

The split was reportedly amicable and not at all dramatic, with sources saying that “the relationship had just run its course.” Fans of the couple had noticed that Joe had been MIA from Taylor’s highly-anticipated Eras Tour, and it was later confirmed that the break-up was the reason for his absence.

Despite rumors of engagement and marriage, the couple kept their relationship under wraps and never confirmed any speculations. However, Joe has been credited under the pseudonym William Bowery on several of Taylor’s tracks over the years, including five songs from her 2020 albums Folklore and evermore and “Sweet Nothing” on Midnights.

As expected, Swifties are taking the news hard, with many already anticipating a heart-wrenching break-up album from the Grammy-winning artist. Only time will tell if Taylor channels her heartbreak into her music, as she has famously done.

For now, all we can do is wait for an official statement from Taylor or Joe, but it looks like the era of “TayJoe” has ended.


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