Adult Happy Meal Toys List on eBay for Thousands of Dollars

Credit: Unsplash

Sellers are looking to flip the strange toys for up to $300,000.

A few weeks ago, fast food giant McDonald’s launched a collaborative effort with streetwear brand Cactus Plant Flea Market to offer “Adult Happy Meals,” an adult-sized portion of food with a bizarre toy included. The reception to these meals was remarkably positive, with McDonald’s workers going as far as to request people order less of them due to being inundated.

The promotion is still running, and will continue to until the end of October, though it seems some eager individuals are looking to cash in ahead of time on their toy purchases. Numerous listings featuring the various Adult Happy Meal toys have begun cropping up on auction site eBay, with some listings valuing the toys for thousands of dollars. So far, the most expensive listing, featuring three still-sealed toys, has been for $300,000.95.

McDonald’s toys have been going up for exorbitant prices on eBay for decades, so this isn’t necessarily anything new. That said, these are some of the highest listings seen for this particular genre of product seen in a long time, and bizarrely for items that you can still obtain fairly easily. While the thousand-dollar listings obviously haven’t drawn any actual buyers, toys priced around $25 to $50 have actually drawn fairly consistent interest, selling hundreds of lots.

In addition to the toys, even the Adult Happy Meal boxes have become collector’s items, with some stores actually running out of boxes due to the sheer number of customers buying them up.

“We had a line outside our store the first day,” a San Antonio McDonald’s employee told Business Insider, adding that “we were sold out [of boxes] by 6 PM.”

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