McDonald’s Staff Inundated with Adult Happy Meal Orders

Credit: Unsplash

Employees have begged customers to stop ordering the meals online.

Earlier this week, fast food giant McDonald’s launched their promotional line of “Adult Happy Meals.” These up-charged meals include a typical adult-sized portion of food, but come included with a toy like the typical Happy Meals for children. These toys, featuring various McDonald’s mascots with four eyes for some reason, were made in cooperation with streetwear brand Cactus Plant Flea Market.

Like most McDonald’s promotions, the Adult Happy Meal has proven to be wildly successful. It’s been so successful, in fact, that the sheer number of orders are severely wearing on McDonald’s employees.

“We literally just came off the “buy one get one for a dollar” and we were swamped with Big Mac meals,” an anonymous employee said on the r/McDonaldsEmployees subreddit. “Now with this we have to literally stockpile them to survive a rush. I hate it. And on top of that the meal can include a ten piece so we’re always waiting on nuggets. And even more than that we have to wait on fries for the meal. My manager called back 43 medium fries earlier this shift and I was floored.”

“We ran out of boxes the first day we had them, ran out of toys the second, and on the third day we had to say the truck doesn’t come till tomorrow,” wrote another user on the subreddit. “It’s been… not fun.”

“The most difficult aspect of this promo for the crew is the sheer volume of these meals that we are selling,” a worker told Kotaku. “Most stores I have seen have sold out of either the special boxes, Big Mac buns, or toys. Some places it’s more than one of these.”

The Adult Happy Meal promotion is set to run until the end of October.

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