Amazon Web Services Experiences Outage

Credit: Unsplash

Multiple services were affected by the third major outage this month.

Early this morning, multiple online sites and services that make use of Amazon Web Services servers and framework reported outages and slowdowns. Three noteworthy examples include Slack, Asana, and the Epic Games Store, which all experienced problems with logins, uploads, downloads, file storage, and even just logging in. As it turns out, all of these problems can be traced back to an outage experienced by Amazon Web Services.

According to the official Amazon Web Services health tracker, the servers experienced a power outage, specifically within a single data center, which is why the effects of the outage were less pronounced than previous ones. Power was successfully restored to the impacted data center, though Amazon has cautioned that the affected services may still experience some slowness for a couple of hours.

This is the third time this month that a power outage has disabled one of AWS’ data centers, and by extension, the websites and services they service. Earlier this month, another power outage temporarily disabled streaming sites like Netflix and Disney+, while another outage disabled wi-fi enabled security devices like Ring cameras. A precise cause for these power outages has not been determined, or if one has, Amazon has not divulged its identity.

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