LG Reveals ‘Media Chair’ for CES

Credit: Unsplash

Recline in style while a huge screen plays right in your face.

Y’know, when I was a kid, my mom always told me not to sit right in front of the TV; that it’d damage my eyes and rot my brain. I guess sensibilities have changed a lot since those days, since it seems the zeitgeist nowadays is to get your as close to your screen as physically possible. For those of you who want to ensure nothing enters your line of sight besides your screen, you may be interested in LG Display’s new concept device.

LG revealed one of its planned installations for 2022’s Consumer Electronics Show, which is scheduled to run in a couple of weeks. The device is named the “Media Chair,” and it’s pretty much exactly what it sounds like: a large, comfy chair attached to a large, semi-circular bezel, on the other end of which is a massive 55-inch OLED display. Since both the chair and the display are attached to the same surface, no matter how much you recline the chair, and you recline it pretty deeply, the display will always be right in the middle of your line of sight.

As LG spokesperson Matthew Weigand explained to The Verge, the design of the display and its curve provide the “perfect focal distance away from a person so they can get an optimal viewing experience.”

The Media Chair is just a concept device; LG isn’t actually selling anything like this, at least not yet. However, they have begun talks with an undisclosed manufacturer of massage chairs in South Korea, so perhaps if there’s enough interest, we could very well see something like the Media Chair in stores someday.

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