Atlus Releases Streaming Rules for ‘Persona’ Game Ports

Credit: Unsplash

The rules for the ports releasing this month are less restrictive than usual.

For as long as their games have been releasing in the age of streaming, video game developer and publisher Atlus has been notoriously strict when it comes to who can stream their games and how. The recent ports of Persona 5 Royal featured numerous rules about spoilers, forbidding streamers from playing the game past a certain point, despite the fact that the game is several years old.

Next week, new ports of two more of Atlus’ Persona games, Persona 3 Portable and Persona 4 Golden, will be releasing on new platforms like the Xbox Series X and PC. Ahead of this release, Atlus has released their streaming rules for the games, though they are slightly less strict than usual. Atlus has not placed any restrictions on what parts of the games streamers are allowed to play publicly, though they have requested that any major story moments be forewarned with a spoiler warning for those watching.

Besides that, Atlus’ rules for streaming the games include refraining from slanderous or illegal speech or discussion while playing, a constant display of the Atlus and Sega trademarks on the screen, and to refrain from streaming prior to the official release date. Atlus reserves the right to send warnings to the owners of any streams or videos who they believe are in violation of these rules, as well as request video deletion without prior notice.

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