Colorado Locals Oppose ‘South Park’ Creators’ Acquisition of Casa Bonita

Credit: Unsplash

Local fans filed an objection to the purchase.

If you’re a regular viewer of South Park, the name “Casa Bonita” probably sounds familiar to you. It’s a real Mexican restaurant located in Lakewood, Colorado that features mariachi bands, cliff divers, and sopapillas on demand. It was prominently featured in a 2003 episode of South Park, becoming associated with the show ever since. Because of that association, the creators of South Park, Matt Stone and Trey Parker, have floated the idea of purchasing the restaurant after it closed due to bankruptcy. They’ve put $3.1 million, and have every intention of going through with the acquisition. However, some Lakewood locals would prefer Stone and Parker keep their money to themselves.

An advocacy group, aptly named “Save Casa Bonita,” has filed a formal objection to Stone and Parker’s purchase of the restaurant. The leader of the group, Andrew Novick, made the motion in the U.S. Bankruptcy Court case of Summit Family Restaurants Inc., the company that owns Casa Bonita. The group is raising funds through GoFundMe and investors to at least partially pay off the restaurant’s debt and ensure it stays the sole property of Lakewood residents.

“It is disheartening our group did not have a fair chance to negotiate for a purchase of the Debtor’s assets,” Novick’s objection read. “The sale motion states that the potential purchasers offer is in ‘good faith,’ without fraud, collusion ‘or an attempt to take grossly unfair advantage of other bidders.’ We believe that this sale should not be allowed due to the association with the landlord in these activities.”

“The group that I am working with strongly believes that the currently proposed sale was not, in fact, an arms-length deal, and that the landlord pressured Mr. Wheaton to sell to a preferred buyer, instead of finalizing an agreement with our group or otherwise allowing a public opportunity to present competitive bids for the restaurant,” Novick added.

The judge in the case has not made any formal rulings as of writing.

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