Cuphead Is Coming To Netflix

(Photo Credit: The Cuphead Show/Netflix)

Your favorite video game character is coming to Netflix

Netflix and King Features Syndicate, a part of Hearst Entertainment and Syndication, are gearing up to bring fans one of the most beloved and popular indie platforming games to the streaming service.

In a new animated series called “The Cuphead Show!” Cuphead, developed and published by indie game maker Studio MDHR, will soon be available on Netflix. Cuphead launched in 2017 to mass critical acclaim and is a game that features hand-drawn animations inspired by the classic Fleischer cartoons of the 1930s.

The game grew to be so successful that it sold over 4 million copies and won the best independent game award at the 2017 Game Awards. The game even won a BAFTA Games award for its original music.
The animated series, set to be a comedy, is expected to expand upon the characters and world of the game, which include the hero Cuphead, his brother Mugman and more.

C.J. Kettler (Carmen Sandiego) will executive produce for King Features while Cuphead creators (and brothers) Chad and Jared Moldenhauer will serve as executive producers. Cuphead is the latest video game to be adapted to the small screen. “The Witcher” is also slated to be released on Netflix while a Halo series is currently in production for Showtime.

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