Daniel Radcliffe Excited for Weird Al Biopic

Credit: Unsplash

Radcliffe called the film one of the strangest things he’s ever done.

November will see the streaming premier of Weird: The Al Yankovic story, a biopic film about the life of beloved parody musician Weird Al Yankovic with Daniel Radcliffe in the titular role. Unlike most music biopics, trailers for the film have made it clear that this will be an extremely silly movie, showcasing a highly exaggerated version of Yankovic’s life and career in a parody of the norm.

In an interview with The New York Times, Radcliffe spoke about his work on the film excitedly, noting that some of the things he did in the role were downright bizarre. Radcliffe mentions a scene where he, as Yankovic, hatches from an egg in a drug-fueled hallucination, saying that “maybe only Paul Dano riding me like a Jet Ski in Swiss Army Man comes close to the weirdest thing I’ve ever done.”

“There was definitely a freedom in the version of Al that is in the script. And it is so insane.”

Yankovic himself, who was also interview by The New York Times, said that “I hope this confuses a lot of people.”

“We want to lead them down a path and think, Is this a real biopic? Is this the real story? The movie starts out pretty normal. Then it progressively goes way off the rails.”

“I’m amazed the lawyers let us get away with this movie, frankly,” Yankovic added while discussing the various fictionalized portrayals of celebrities like Madonna. “But they’re like, Oh, yeah, all public figures — go for it.”

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