Digimon is Getting an Animated Reboot This Spring

Credit: Toei

Digimon Adventure will officially be getting a reboot anime in April 2020, 20 years from the debut of the original animated series.

The modern adaption will be set in the year 2020 within a new world of Digimon where networks are essential to daily life. Cyberterrorism threatens the peace and humans still don’t know about those living in the infinite Digital World— the Digimon.

Main character Taichi Yagami, a fifth-grader, will be back for the reboot. After a large-scale network failure occurs in Tokyo, Taichi is left on his own to try and help his mother and sister who are stuck on a train to Shibuya. But while hurrying to Shibuya, he’s mysteriously transported to the digital world. There, Taichi meets all sorts of Digimon and friends, embarking on an unknown adventure.

Toei did not share whether the upcoming series will be an exact reboot of the original animated series that came out in 1999, but die-hard fans will notice that small details of the story are different from the original. One noticeable difference is Taichi’s age; he is much younger than his original counterpart.

Digimon Adventure will premiere in Japan in April, but there’s currently no confirmation of an English language release.

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