Find Out How Scarlett Johansson, Olivia Cooke & More Get In Shape

When you’re making a movie, you don’t have time to sit around.

Exercising on a regular basis can be a very time-consuming process, even for an average Joe. If we were all as busy as many Hollywood stars are, then I’m pretty sure a lot of us would never be able to exercise. Just being on set and performing all the various tasks that go into making a movie can completely devour multiple days on end. Thankfully, actors can afford to hire personal trainers. Actors don’t have a lot of free time when they’re in the midst of a project, so it’s up to their trainers to not only whip them into shape, but do it quickly.

Even in films with a lot of CG involved, actors can’t slack off physically. For example, Olivia Cooke’s role in ‘Ready Player One.’ Despite the fact that the action scenes in that movie are CG-animated, she still needed to be in shape for motion capture stunts, as well as look physically similar to her animated counterpart. Olivia’s trainers ran her through a month-and-a-half battery of strength and stamina training that would ensure she could handle any physical challenge thrown at her. She focused on jump training and absorbing impacts, among other standbys in the stuntman’s playbook. It was ache-inducing, but when all was said and done, her leg strength was fantastic, and she could handle any amount of running necessary for a scene either real or animated. So the next time you dread the thought of exercise, just remind yourself that actors can do it and do it quickly. You’ve got the time, so use it.

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