Gender Reveal Gone Wrong

Credit: Party City

Is that Colton Underwood or an ambitious dad hopping a fence?

These days, every moment of life comes with an e-vite and well-decorated event. I’m not talking about the typical bridal showers and bachelor parties. The new age ones—like moving and housewarming parties, anniversary parties, sip and see parties, bi-weekly brunches for minuscule life events, and blow-out themed birthday parties past the acceptable age. Nothing wrong with it—we just really love celebrating as millennials. And nothing truly encapsulates the party culture quite like gender reveal parties. The trend has produced countless viral videos of happy couples cracking open piñatas, cutting open a cake, and popping confetti guns. Most recently, a couple tried to pop a balloon to reveal the gender of their baby. You’ll never guess what happens next.

A balloon pop feels pretty safe and dependable compared to some of the other more extravagant stunts seen. But this couple really had an #epicfail moment when their balloon refused to pop. The couple are seen whacking the tied-down balloon like a piñata—which is probably not the best way to pop a balloon—over and over again until the balloon eventually un-tethers and lifts up to the sky. The onlooking crowd shrieks as the dad of the future baby runs in a failed attempt to catch the balloon is it lifts higher and higher. He even went full-on Colton Underwood and tried to hop a white picket fence to catch the dangling string. Members of the party went chasing after it as well, but no one was successful in retrieving the message-carrying black balloon.

Will the couple ever know their future babies gender? And will they learn not to slap a balloon with a stick?  Maybe next time they’ll stick with powdered paint bombs.

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