Are You a Big Bang Theory Fan? | Trivia

  • What singer did Howard and Amy realize they both liked in “The Scavenger Vortex”?

    • Michael Jackson
    • Neil Diamond
  • In his post-‘break up’ depression, Sheldon got a bunch of cats that he named after scientists. There was one exception; what was that cat’s name?

    • Zazzles
    • Zazzy
  • What was the name of the movie Penny starred in?

    • Serial Ape-ist
    • Anne Frank
  • How did Sheldon and Amy Meet?

    • Comic-Con
    • Dating App
  • Who did Raj’s sister, Priya date out of the group?

    • Leonard
    • Howard
  • What is Raj Koothrappali?

    • Astrophysicist
    • Engineer
  • Who owned the comic book store?

    • Stuart
    • Raj
  • What kind of doctor was Leonard’s father?

    • Anthropologist
    • Archaeologist

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