‘South Park’ to Air Hour-Long Pandemic Special

Credit: Comedy Central

Guaranteed to be full of Tegridy.

The irreverent animated comedy South Park has been on break since December of 2019. To say that the world has changed drastically since last December would be an incredible understatement, and many viewers, including myself, have been wondering what Matt Stone and Trey Parker would have to say when the show came back. Turns out they’ve got so much to say, it can’t all be contained in a 30-minute time slot.

Comedy Central announced yesterday that on Wednesday, September 30, South Park will be airing an hour-long “Pandemic Special,” a sort of shotgun approach to covering every insane mishap of 2020 so far in a single go. From what we can glean from the teaser trailer, Stan’s dad, Randy Marsh, has seen incredible success from his marijuana farm, Tegridy Farms, since the pandemic started, which is what’s prompting him to launch a “Pandemic Special” sales event. It’s a similar gag to last season’s “holiday special,” and his family is about as enthused with it as they were with that.

Credit: Comedy Central

Meanwhile, the children of South Park are set to return to school, something which Cartman is vehemently against. We get a brief glimpse of the new classroom, now with desks spaced six feet apart and equipped with glass germ shields, every student wearing a mask, and perhaps most conspicuously, the teacher now a police detective with an officer assistant. Interestingly, Cartman is missing from the classroom scene, which means he’s probably sussed up some morally questionable way of ditching out.

The “Pandemic Special” will be the start of South Park‘s 24th season, and as of Comedy Central’s announcement last year, the show is currently set to air up to and including a 26th season. South Park is currently the second longest-running animated series on television, behind only The Simpsons.

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