‘South Park’ to Air ‘Vaccination Special’ March 10

Credit: Unsplash

Will the small Colorado town finally return to normal?

Back in September, Comedy Central’s long-time animated comedy series South Park ran an hour-long “Pandemic Special,” a special episode to begin the series 24th season covering every exhausting event of 2020. The events of this episode were heavily inspired by the current climate of the time, including the lead up to the Presidential election, the search for a vaccine, and general exhaustion with the quarantine lifestyle, as main character Stan Marsh put it so well at the tail-end of the episode.

“I can’t take these shutdowns anymore and I’m scared of what it’s doing to me. … The truth is I just want to have fun again … I want my life back,” Stan said in tears.

It’s been about five months since the Pandemic Special, and things have changed, or at least changed enough to warrant a follow-up. The official South Park Twitter announced over the weekend that on March 10, they will be airing a follow-up to the Pandemic Special, aptly titled the “Vaccination Special.” Currently, the only available information is a brief teaser with the phrase “We will be herd,” likely in reference to the concept of herd immunity, as well as the conspicuous change of the “K” in “South Park” to a “Q” likely in reference to the infamous QAnon conspiracy.

It is not currently known if the episode will be an hour long like its predecessor, nor is it known if and when South Park will return to a normal airing schedule for its 24th season. The primary reason for the long delay between normal episodes and the Pandemic Special is the pandemic itself, which is still very much a problem, and could still be affecting the show’s production.

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