All The Buzz Around Jojo Siwa’s Arm Tattoos

arm tattoo
Credit: Envato Elements

Temporary Tattoo Fun – A Peek into JoJo’s Playful Journey!

In a candid interview with Access Hollywood, global sensation JoJo Siwa, 20, shared her exciting plans for a future family and a playful twist on personal expression through tattoos.

During the interview, Siwa disclosed her already chosen names for her future kids, expressing her enthusiasm with, “Fully, fully.” Pointing to her arm, she revealed two dedicated tattoos—one for her future baby girl, Freddie, and another for twin boys, Eddie and Teddie. Siwa charmingly stated, “Freddie, Eddie, and Teddie. I want three babies. I’ve got a sperm donor lined up.”

Contrary to some speculation, Siwa clarified in an Instagram comment that the arm tattoos are temporary, confirming the playful nature of her creative expression. The singer shared a series of photos on Instagram from her time in Florida, leaving fans curious about the intriguing happenings captured in the images.

Known for her openness about her personal life, Siwa also touched upon her approach to relationships. In a recent conversation with PEOPLE, she reflected on her decision to take a break from dating, aiming to prioritize personal growth after a public breakup with ex Avery Cyrus.

Siwa, who previously showcased her first tattoo last August, playfully explained the meaning behind the number “1031” inked behind her ear. While fans might have caught glimpses of what appeared to be a full sleeve on social media, JoJo clarified during her Access Hollywood appearance that the arm tattoos are all temporary, adding a lighthearted touch to her evolving style.

As JoJo Siwa continues to captivate audiences with her vibrant personality and evolving artistic expressions, fans can anticipate more surprises and adventures in the entertainer’s journey.


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