Influencer Tinx’s Favorite Beauty Products Are Easy to Use, Even for Makeup Beginners

Credit: Unsplash

Find Your Favorite Products from Tinx’s List!

No one wants an overly complicated beauty routine. Even beginners can master makeup with Tinx’s go-to products and helpful application tips.

We’ve all watched an elaborate beauty routine from an influencer and felt overwhelmed by the intricate process. There’s no way I have the time to do all that, nor the skill. I admire anyone who does have those makeup application abilities, but I’m just not that person. Thankfully, Tinx is on the same page.

“I’m not a traditional makeup girl. You will not see me doing a ‘get ready with me’ that’s super tight and perfect, but I still love products so much. I feel like that’s why I love talking about them. I talk about what’s easy and what’s worked for me as someone who is not naturally good at makeup,” Tinx shared during a recent Amazon Live session.

The influencer insisted that all of her must-haves are “very easy to use,” explaining, “I think part of the anxiety of doing your makeup is if you mess one thing up your whole face is ruined and you have to start again. That stresses me out.” That’s a very relatable sentiment. Luckily, Tinx’s tried and true essentials are stress-free products.

Here are Tinx’s Easy Beauty Must-Haves:

  • Tinx’s Most Affordable Find: Conair Spa Headband
  • Tinx Says This Cream is Magical: Weleda Skin Food Original Ultra-Rich Body Cream
  • Tinx Has 1 In Every Purse: Kosas Air Brow Tinted Gel
  • Tinx Won’t Leave The House Without This: RMS Beauty Go Nude Lip Pencil

For more beauty tips and product recommendations from Tinx, follow her on social media and stay tuned for her next Amazon Live session. Whether you’re a makeup novice or looking for easy-to-use beauty staples, Tinx has you covered.


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