Does Chris Olsen Have a Boyfriend?

Credit: Unsplash

The secrecy of Chris Olsen’s Boyfriend’s Identity has got the fans Hooked!

For several reasons, Chris Olsen, a TikTok star, has chosen to keep his new boyfriend’s identity a secret. During an appearance on Meghan Trainor’s podcast “Workin’ On It,” he explained his decision. He’s comfortable with a “soft launch” of their relationship on social media, but he hasn’t revealed his boyfriend’s identity yet. Chris clarified that he’s not doing it to be cryptic with his 11 million TikTok followers.

It appears that Chris’s previous experiences on social media may have influenced this decision. He mentioned, “if we all remember how I started on social media, we can’t do that. We can’t be doing that again.” It’s possible that he faced challenges or complications related to his previous relationships being public, and he wants to avoid repeating those experiences.

In the past, Chris had a boyfriend named Ian, with whom he shared his relationship on social media. While they are no longer together, they both expressed excitement about exploring their new relationship moving forward.

Currently, Chris is finding ways to provide glimpses into his love life without showing his boyfriend’s face on camera. He shared a TikTok video on September 15 in which he leaned on his boyfriend’s shoulder while lip-syncing to questions like “Who makes you laugh the hardest?” and “Who’s the most beautiful person you know?” in the audio track. This way, he can share his happiness and relationship without revealing his boyfriend’s identity.


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