Dolly Parton Comparing Beyoncé’s “Becky” to “Jolene”

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The Two Iconic Singers Coming Together is the Highlight of 2024

In a delightful interlude on Beyoncé’s latest country album, Cowboy Carter, the legendary Dolly Parton playfully compares Beyoncé’s infamous “Becky” to her own iconic character, “Jolene.”

Addressing Beyoncé as “Miss Honey B,” Dolly sets the stage for Beyoncé’s rendition of “Jolene” by cheekily referencing the mysterious “Becky” from Beyoncé’s Lemonade era.

“You know, that hussy with the good hair you sang about reminded me of someone I knew back when,” Dolly quips. “Except she has flaming locks of auburn hair. Bless her heart. Just a hair of a different color, but it hurts just the same.”

Dolly’s playful banter adds a charming twist to Beyoncé’s cover of “Jolene,” a song famously about a woman pleading with another to not steal her man. Dolly originally penned and recorded the track in 1973, showcasing her unparalleled songwriting prowess.

Beyoncé’s rendition of “Jolene” on Cowboy Carter takes on a bold and assertive tone, with lyrics asserting her own strength and confidence in the face of romantic competition. As she sings, “Jolene, I know I’m a queen / Jolene, I’m still a Creole Banjee bitch from Louisianne (Don’t try me),” it’s clear that Beyoncé’s “Jolene” won’t be backing down without a fight.

The playful exchange between Dolly Parton and Beyoncé adds a delightful layer of humor and camaraderie to the music world, showcasing the enduring appeal of both artists across generations and genres.


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