Nicola Coughlan Shocks Fans with True Age Ahead of Bridgerton Return

Credit: Netflix

Nicola’s Real Age Has Everyone SHOCKED!

As anticipation builds for the upcoming return of Netflix’s period drama Bridgerton, fans have been taken aback by the revelation that actress Nicola Coughlan, known for her role as Penelope Featherington, is actually 37 years old despite portraying a 19-year-old character.

Coughlan, celebrated for her performance in Channel 4’s Derry Girls, has often portrayed characters significantly younger than her actual age, prompting surprise and admiration from viewers. Social media has been buzzing with astonishment as fans express their disbelief at learning Coughlan’s true age.

Despite the shock, this isn’t the first time Bridgerton enthusiasts have been surprised by Coughlan’s age, with similar reactions arising during the release of Season 2 two years ago.

Teasing Penelope Featherington’s journey in the upcoming season, Coughlan shared insights into her character’s development, revealing a shift from a supporting role to a central focus. However, she humorously noted the challenge of stepping out of her comfort zone as the “oddball in the corner.”

In addition to her role in Bridgerton, Coughlan is captivating audiences in Channel 4’s Comedy Big Mood, showcasing her versatile talent across different genres.


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