Theo James Makes Surprise Appearance as Bastion in X-Men ’97

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In a stunning twist on the latest episode of X-Men ’97, fans were treated to the revelation of Theo James’ character, who had been teased as a “fan favorite” by showrunner Beau DeMayo.

The seventh episode, titled “Bright Eyes,” unveiled James’ character as Bastion, the mastermind behind the tragic aftermath of the genocidal attack on Genosha. The episode saw Gambit’s demise and Rogue’s relentless pursuit of justice, leading her to cross paths with Captain America.

Bastion, portrayed by Theo James, emerges as the true supervillain orchestrating the chaos, pulling strings and manipulating events. As the leader of Operation: Zero Tolerance (OZT), Bastion embodies humanity’s last “bastion” of hope against mutants, assembling an international anti-mutant strike force.

With the ability to create new Sentinels like Master Mold, Bastion reveals himself as the architect of the devastation in Genosha. The revelation comes as Rogue confronts Trask, who is later revealed to be a sleeper human-Sentinel hybrid.

In a chilling exchange with Mister Sinister, Bastion acknowledges the failures of past villains and boasts of his evolutionary superiority. His plans to eradicate mutantkind are further hinted at when it’s revealed that he holds Magneto captive, signaling a dire threat to the mutants’ existence.

The episode also drops hints about Bastion’s origins, with a subtle Easter egg linking him to Forge, suggesting a deeper connection between the characters.

With three episodes remaining, fans are eagerly anticipating Bastion’s “real masterpiece” and the looming threat he poses to the X-Men. New episodes of X-Men ’97 premiere on Disney+ every Wednesday.

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