Kelly Ripa Reveals ‘A–hole Syndrome’ on Let’s Talk Off Camera Podcast

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Credit: Unsplash

Kelly Ripa recently opened up about her unique confidence issues on her podcast, Let’s Talk Off Camera with Kelly Ripa, where she shared her husband Mark Consuelos’ diagnosis of her ego as “a–hole syndrome.” Unlike imposter syndrome, Ripa explained that she believes she can do everything.

For Ripa, this manifests in unusual ways, like watching the Winter Olympics and feeling inspired to start figure skating in her living room. Despite her husband’s skepticism, she insists she can compete after watching it once. Ripa humorously refers to this as “a–hole syndrome.”

In contrast, Ripa’s guest, Elisabeth Moss, described herself as landing somewhere in the middle, feeling confident in what she knows how to do and acknowledging what she doesn’t.

While Ripa acknowledges her condition as “clinical,” Moss finds Ripa’s confidence fantastic and even inquired about her figure skating progress, to which Ripa jokingly responded that she might compete in the next Olympics.

Ending the conversation with a burst of self-assurance, Ripa offered her support to Moss for her pregnancy, humorously suggesting she could be her doula since she practically knows how to deliver a baby.

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