Raven Symoné Stands Up Against Online Harassment Directed at Wife Miranda Pearman Maday

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Raven Symoné, former Disney star and advocate, has stepped forward to condemn the online hate and death threats directed at her wife, Miranda Pearman Maday. In a powerful statement on TikTok, Raven Symoné addressed the relentless harassment faced by Pearman Maday, urging the perpetrators to cease their harmful actions.

“I’m here with Miranda, my wife, to tell you to stop it in the comments. And stop with the death threats in her DMs,” stated Raven Symoné, emphasizing the disrespectful nature of the attacks not only towards Pearman Maday but also towards herself.

The couple faced a barrage of hateful comments following Pearman Maday’s recent remarks about not having watched “That’s So Raven” prior to her relationship with Raven Symoné. Pearman Maday clarified that while she didn’t grow up watching the show, she has since familiarized herself with Symoné’s work and has been supportive of her endeavors.

Addressing the misconceptions surrounding her comments, Pearman Maday emphasized her admiration for Symoné’s talent beyond her celebrity status. She underscored the need for understanding the complexities of individuals beyond their public personas.

In response to the influx of hate comments, Symoné reiterated the importance of respecting others, especially in the online space, and called out verified users engaging in trolling behavior.

The couple’s decision to address the situation stemmed from a desire to confront the “spiral of internet misinformation” and highlight the real-life complexities behind celebrity personas.

This incident underscores the pervasive issue of online harassment and the detrimental impact it can have on individuals. Raven Symoné and Miranda Pearman Maday continue to advocate for a safer and more respectful online environment for all.

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