Barbra Streisand Clarifies Comments on Melissa McCarthy’s Instagram Post

Credit: Unsplash

“Give him my regards. Did you take Ozempic?”

Barbra Streisand, the iconic singer and actress, found herself in the spotlight recently after leaving a comment on Melissa McCarthy’s Instagram post that garnered attention online. In response to McCarthy’s photo from the Center Theatre Group gala, Streisand had left a now-deleted comment asking about McCarthy’s use of Ozempic, a diabetes treatment medication known for its weight loss effects.

Following the circulation of screenshots of her comment, Streisand took to Instagram to address the situation directly. In a heartfelt note, Streisand clarified that her intention was simply to pay McCarthy a compliment on her appearance. She expressed regret for not considering the public nature of her comment, stating, “I forgot the world is reading!”

McCarthy, in response to the incident, shared her admiration for Streisand, calling her a “treasure.” The two artists have a history of collaboration, having recorded Irving Berlin’s “Anything You Can Do” together for Streisand’s 2016 album “Encore: Movie Partners Sing Broadway.”

Streisand, whose memoir “My Name is Barbra” was released in November, continues to be a celebrated figure in the entertainment industry. Meanwhile, McCarthy is gearing up for her upcoming role in Jerry Seinfeld’s Netflix comedy “Unfrosted,” set to premiere on May 3.


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