Whoopi Goldberg Welcomes Chihuahua Guest During The View Broadcast

Credit: Unsplash

During a recent episode of ABC’s The View, co-host Whoopi Goldberg brought smiles to the audience with her endearing reaction to an unexpected guest — a charming chihuahua nestled among the studio crowd.

As the show began, Goldberg’s focus was delightfully drawn to the small dog, leading her to warmly welcome the tiny visitor in her signature genial style.

“Hey! Hello, hello! Welcome to The View y’all! Have a seat. We’re happy to have you here, including young pups that sit and wait,” Goldberg greeted, turning towards the audience member with the service dog. She then asked about the breed, to which co-host and chihuahua enthusiast Sara Haines joyfully responded, “Yes! He’s a chihuahua!” with raised arms in excitement.

Goldberg, noting Haines’ love for the breed, commented, “She’s a chihuahua lover,” before moving on with the show, giving a final nod to the adorable dog, “So, welcome puppy dog as well!”

This moment underscores the show’s welcoming and inclusive atmosphere, where even canine companions are acknowledged and cherished. The View’s hosts have a well-known, often playful rapport with dogs, highlighted in the show’s first-ever Pooch Pageant last December. This segment humorously evolved into The Great Pooch Pageant Ego Massacre of 2023, where the hosts’ pets competed in various challenges, with Sunny Hostin’s dogs winning the title.

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