Whoopi Goldberg Reveals Secret Plan to Expose “The View” Mole

The View
Credit: Envato Elements

Whoopi Goldberg’s Tactics on The View

Whoopi Goldberg, iconic actress and moderator of “The View,” recently disclosed a clandestine mission undertaken by the show’s team to identify an internal gossip mole. During a discussion about the perils of gossip, Goldberg revealed that she had employed tactics to plant false information and track its dissemination within the show’s staff.

Goldberg reminisced about the operation, acknowledging her cohost Joy Behar and confirming their joint effort to uncover the source of leaked information. The revelation sparked amusement among the hosts and audience, with Behar displaying a mix of surprise and recollection.

The discussion shed light on the behind-the-scenes dynamics of “The View” and highlighted the challenges posed by internal leaks and backstage tension. The show has faced previous instances of press leaks, particularly during the tenure of former cohost Meghan McCain, whose departure from the show in 2021 was accompanied by reports of backstage discord.

Goldberg’s revelation provides insight into the lengths to which the show’s team went to address internal issues and maintain professionalism in the face of gossip and speculation. As the discussion concluded, the audience was left intrigued by the revelation, underscoring the ongoing intrigue surrounding the inner workings of “The View.”


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