Actress Lola Glaudini Recounts Verbal Altercation with Johnny Depp on Set of “Blow”

Johnny Depp
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Lola Verbally Abused by Johnny Depp

In a recent interview on the Powerful Truth Angels podcast, actress Lola Glaudini opened up about a distressing experience she had on the set of the 2001 film “Blow” involving Johnny Depp. Glaudini claims that Depp verbally berated her during a scene, an allegation that representatives for the actor have denied.

According to Glaudini, she was instructed by director Ted Demme to laugh during one of Depp’s takes. However, when she followed this direction, Depp allegedly became irate, approaching her and started spewing profanity. Glaudini recounted Depp saying, “Who the f— do you think you are? Shut the f— up. I’m out here, and I’m trying to f—ing say my lines and you’re f—ing pulling focus. You f—ing idiot.”

Describing the incident as her first day on set and her first studio movie, Glaudini expressed feeling shocked and intimidated by Depp’s outburst. She recalled desperately trying to hold back tears during the confrontation.

In response to these claims, representatives for Johnny Depp stated, “Johnny always prioritizes good working relationships with cast and crew, and this recounting differs greatly from the recollection of other members on set at the time.” They also referenced the testimony of a crew member, Sam Sarkar, who stated that he never witnessed such an event during his time working on the film.

Glaudini further revealed that Depp later issued what she described as “a non-apology apology,” and despite her father’s advice to act as if nothing happened, she felt ostracized by the cast and crew following the incident.

The resurfacing of this interview has sparked conversations about workplace behavior and the treatment of colleagues in the entertainment industry.

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