Amber Heard to Continue Her Role in Aquaman: Johnny Depp Feels “Lucky”

Amber heard in aquaman
Credit: Unsplash

Amber Heard Returns to Aquaman Role as Johnny Depp Embraces New Chapter

In the aftermath of their highly publicized defamation trial, Johnny Depp and Amber Heard are moving forward with their respective careers. Depp, known for his role in “Pirates of the Caribbean,” has reportedly “closed the chapter” on the six-week court battle and is feeling grateful for the opportunity to continue doing what he loves. Meanwhile, according to sources, Heard, who recently reprised her role as Mera in the “Aquaman” sequel, is also making a comeback and appears to be in better spirits.

While Heard expressed feeling “honored” to return as Mera in the DC Comics film, she admitted to feeling pressure associated with big franchise movies like “Aquaman.” In an interview with Deadline, she highlighted the immense expectations and compromises that come with multimillion-dollar productions. She contrasted this experience with her indie film “In the Fire,” describing it as a work of art driven by passion but lacking the same resources as major blockbusters.

In “Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom,” Heard joins forces with Jason Momoa, Dolph Lundgren, and Willem Dafoe. The highly anticipated sequel is scheduled for release later this year. In contrast, her indie thriller “In the Fire” is a smaller-scale project set in the 1890s, where Heard portrays the role of Grace, a psychiatrist.

Recently, Heard took to Instagram to express her gratitude for the warm reception her latest movie received at the Taormina Film Festival. She shared her excitement about upcoming projects and her unforgettable experience at the festival. It’s worth noting that “In the Fire” had wrapped production in March 2022, months before her high-profile trial with Depp began in Virginia.

As both actors strive to move forward with their careers, their legal battle seems to be behind them. Depp is embracing his love for acting, while Heard navigates the pressures and compromises that come with high-profile franchise films. With their respective projects on the horizon, they are focused on continuing their journeys in the entertainment industry.


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