Have You Ever Seen Art On Bread? Check Out Sourdough With Sachi!

Simple sourdough transformed into baking artistry

Did you know that a dining experience encompasses all of the five senses into one experience? A simple piece of food can be the canvas for an edible creative masterpiece by Sachi.

Sachi is known for her edible baked goods masterpieces on Instagram transforming sourdough bread into art featuring landscapes and portraits on a loaf of delicious bread. Sachi found her passion for sourdough art as a new hobby during the initial COVID-19 lockdown using her time at home to explore new ways to bake decorative bread.

Sachi describes baking sourdough loaves as a form of meditation through a creative outlet that helps to pass the time that could feed her and her close ones. Sachi enjoys spreading her creative works of sourdough art for everyone to enjoy and discovered a community of foodies to connect with.

The Sourdough With Sachi Instagram page features videos of Sachi’s process of creating sourdough into a colorful masterpiece to inspire baking enthusiasts. If you’re not hungry for some fresh-baked sourdough bread, you’ll definitely reconsider after seeing more of Sachi’s bread art on Instagram!

Go check her out and be sure to give her a follow to stay up to date with all her new unique creations!

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