Can You Guess This Nail Art Design?


This nail art could be featured in a museum

Traditional nail art is known for being simple, but now is the time for the renaissance of nail art thanks to Meg from MSK Nails. This talented nail artist is known for creating detailed manicure masterpieces along with videos of her creations leaving viewers trying to guess the design before she’s finished. This video left a lot of viewers stumped so we provide some hints and reveal the creative process in creating this detailed nail art.

Meg can create a variety of designs, but is known for adding a touch of magic from whimsical Disney characters that she sketches by hand before even using any nail polish. MSK Nails offers the Disney Sketches set featuring any 10 favorite Disney characters with manicure masterpieces for every finger!

Another option offered by MSK for Disney fans is the names of characters featured in their trademark cast signature that you could easily recognize in any Disney autograph book from the theme parks. Meg has created nearly every Disney character imaginable with incredible detail on nails but one character in particular truly shines a light on her abilities.

The character featured in the video is a beaming cast member from the French story of “Beauty and the Beast” and stars in the song ‘Be Our Guest.’ Still in need of another hint?

This “Beauty and the Beast” character plays opposite to the wound-up clock Cogsworth and helps bring light back into the dark castle. Any true Disney fan would recognize the loveable Lumière and Meg captures this character in full detail on a small canvas.

Meg’s unique approach to nail art is unique and amazing to watch on Instagram @msk.designs.professional.nails with a link to her Etsy page for more designs. Meg explored nail art in her early teens trying new designs and methods of painting nails that she eventually turned into her full-time business.

MSK Nails feature a variety of designs of press-on nails in all sorts of colors, shapes, and designs. As a business owner, Meg loves to show support in the small business community and receiving support from fans.

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