Chrissy Teigen Deletes Her Twitter

Credit: Unsplash

Teigen has had enough of Twitter for one lifetime.

You know what’s interesting? People who are dismissive of the potential toxicity one can encounter on social media platforms often say something to the effect of “if you don’t like it, just turn your phone off.” There seems to be this sort of underlying assumption that no one will ever willingly leave social media platforms. Everyone has to be online 24/7 after all, right? Well, no. They don’t. And Chrissy Teigen is now the proof.

For years now, the model and TV personality has been lovingly known by her Twitter followers as the “unofficial mayor of Twitter” for her spicy debates and razor-sharp wit. Teigen has never backed down from an opportunity to throw shade on anyone who throws it at her first, even going as far as to give former President Donald Trump a rather colorful moniker after he dismissed her as John Legend’s “filthy-mouthed wife.” However, even a social media master can have a hard limit of dealing with toxicity, and as of today, Teigen has hit hers.

“For over 10 years, you guys have been my world. I honestly owe so much to this world we have created here. I truly consider so many of you my actual friends,” Teigen wrote in an emotional tweet thread.

“But it’s time for me to say goodbye. This no longer serves me as positively as it serves me negatively, and I think that’s the right time to call something.”

“My life goal is to make people happy. The pain I feel when I don’t is too much for me. I’ve always been portrayed as the strong clap back girl but I’m just not. My desire to be liked and fear of pissing people off has made me somebody you didn’t sign up for, and a different human than I started out here as! Live well, tweeters.”

After posting her thread, Teigen then deleted her Twitter account entirely, leaving Twitter without its mayor, at least until someone else takes up the title.

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