Check Out Christine’s Cheesy Noodle Corn Dog!

Cheese, ramen, and hot dogs? Sure, why not?

Every stroke of genius in the history of mankind started with a single idea. Sometimes, these ideas can seem a little wacky in their time, but they go on to become truly one-of-a-kind discoveries. As a wise man once said, “science isn’t about ‘why,’ it’s about ‘why not?'” Seeing as how cooking is a science in and of itself, the same logic undoubtedly applies. Why coat a hot dog and a block of cheese in ramen noodles and fry it? Why not?

Christine is a dyed-in-the-wool foodie hailing from west coast who has made it her mission in life to sample all the coolest, most creative foods that San Diego and Los Angeles has to offer. If the local establishments don’t cater to her cravings, she’s more than ready to heat things up herself! Case in point, if there’s three things Christine loves, it’s hot dogs, cheese, and above all else, noodles.

“As a foodie, I like to explore and taste food from different cultures,” Christine explained to us. “However, one thing I can’t live without is noodles. I love noodles in any shape, type, and form. From pasta, ramen, pho, pad thai, chow mein, japchae, udon, I love them all. Totally my staple and comfort food.”

Credit: @thedoubleeaterz

This love is what led her to dream up the cheesy ramen-crusted Korean corn dog. What is it? Well, I’d say it’s right there in the name: it’s a hot dog and a block of cheese set on a skewer, then coated in Korean-style ramen noodles and fried up like your favorite carnival corn dog. The noodles on the outside give it a satisfying crispy crunch, while the inside is a heavenly cloud of cheesy, hot doggy goodness. Topped off with chili sauce or soy sauce, not to mentioned a little powdered cheese, and you’ve got one heck of an afternoon treat.

If that’s got you hungry (and it definitely has me hungry), check out Christine’s page on Instagram, @thedoubleeaterz, and give her a follow while you’re at it. She features tons of homemade noodle dishes, as well as pictures and video from the eateries she visits all over San Diego and Los Angeles.

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