Ramen Rumble in Orlando is Every College Kid’s Dream

Credit: Kenosha News

But it’s not the Cup Noodle kind kids eat when they’re broke.

Coming soon to Orlando is Ramen Rumble, an event filled with ramen, booze and ice cream. Three Orlando chefs will battle it out to see whose ramen recipe reigns supreme, and attendees of the event get to try all their delicious food!

For just $45, guests get to try three different bowls of ramen from the competing chefs, as well as sake and delicious mochi dessert tasting from Mochi Dochi. Extra desserts will be provided by The Osprey Tavern.

This will be the third Ramen Rumble, and this year the event will be hosted by The Osprey Tavern and Seito Sushi.

The winning chef not only gets bragging rights but also gets the chance to choose which charity the proceeds of the event will go to.

Additionally, the Ramen Rumble event aims to unify the Orlando culinary scene while continuing to bring awareness and appreciation to the many different ramen styles in the city.

If you plan on going, then better buy your ticket soon because tickets to past events have been known to sell out really fast. Ramen Rumble will be held on Monday, December 9 from 6 – 9 p.m. at The Osprey Tavern at 4899 New Broad Street Orlando, FL 32814.

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