Jun Ji Hyun Reportedly Joining Cast of Netflix’s ‘Kingdom’

Credit: Soompi

One of South Korea’s hottest stars is set to appear in one of Netflix’s top Asian dramas!

It was recently reported that Jun Ji Hyun will be appearing in the finale of season two of Netflix’s “Kingdom.” Season one of “Kingdom” premiered in January to positive reviews, and not long after, a second season was confirmed with actors Joo Ji Hoon, Bae Doona, and Ryu Seung Ryong set to reprise their roles.

The addition of Jun Ji Hyun has been kept under wraps even within Netflix’s production team. Her parts were reportedly filmed separately from other cast members’ scenes. According to Sports Chosun, a South Korean media outlet, Jun Ji Hyun will appear in the finale of Season 2, but possibly take on a bigger role as a key character in the rumored third season of “Kingdom.”

The actress’ agency stated that “The production has not been confirmed [for Season 3], but if it is confirmed and we are given an offer, we will positively review it.”

But if all goes through, “Kingdom” will be Jun Ji Hyun’s first drama appearance in four years and her first attempt at a period drama.

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