Numilk: Easy, Sustainable, and Super Tasty!

Regular milk is so five minutes ago.

Did you know some people don’t develop lactose intolerance until much later in life? For instance, when I was a kid, I drank a glass of fat free milk with breakfast almost every day. However, as I got older, my stomach started becoming much pickier about I put in it, and milk became a big no-no. I tried lactose-free milk, but that just didn’t do it for me. I switched to almond milk, which is fine, but the process that goes into making that stuff ain’t exactly carbon neutral, which leaves a bit of a bad taste in my mouth. Luckily, I can still get my morning fix of lactose-free, healthy plant milks without turning California into a desert, and it’s all thanks to Numilk.

Credit: Numilk

Numilk is a rising brand of home plant milk pressing devices. It’s kind of like if a SodaStream made something nutritious instead of something crammed with sugar and chemicals. It’s super easy to use; all you do is pour some water into the device, load a Numilk pouch into the top, and pull the lever. The Numilk device mixes the ingredients in the pouch with the water into the special Numilk bottle with a proprietary instant emulsifying process. As soon as it pours out, it’s ready to go; pour it over your cereal, put some in your coffee, or just drink it straight! Numilk pouches come in lots of tasty flavors, from the regular plant-based staples like almond, oat, and cashew, to sweeter stuff like chocolate oat, vanilla protein, and my personal favorite, matcha latte.

“Three years ago,” the creators of Numilk say, “we asked ourselves: What if we could revolutionize plant-based milk to make it what it should be – waste-free, pure, nutritious, and delicious; better for our taste buds, health, and better for the environment? Enter Numilk: Plant-based, Less Waste. Made By You.”

Credit: NuMilk

Not only does Numilk bring you instant delicious plant milk, it’s super duper sustainable. Compared to the process that typically goes into commercial plant milks, Numilk has a 90% smaller environmental impact. “Numilk uses all organic ingredients with a small carbon footprint. By shipping our raw ingredients without the added weight of water, we avoid much of the carbon impact from traditional food distribution. Numilk also eliminates carton waste with our reusable dishwasher safe bottle. Numilk does plant-based sustainably. Better for you, and better for the planet.”

For more information, you can learn all about Numilk, its process, and its goals on its Kickstarter page. It’s long-since reached and exceeded its funding goal of $100,000, sitting at $210,148 at time of writing, but hey, a few extra contributions help them ship out faster. You can also check out their Instagram for all the latest updates.

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