Heidi Montag is the ‘Best Version’ of Herself After Welcoming Baby No. 2

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The Hills’ Actress Feeling Good After Baby No.2

Feeling empowered, Heidi Montag reveals her transformation journey to becoming the “best version” of herself following the birth of her second child, Ryker, and credits her partnership with Hydroxycut for aiding her post-pregnancy fitness goals.

After giving birth to Ryker in November 2022, Montag, alongside her husband Spencer Pratt, recognized the importance of prioritizing her health and fitness to prevent future back problems. Determined to regain her strength and vitality, she embarked on a fitness regimen and turned to Hydroxycut as a supplement to support her lifestyle changes.

Emphasizing the need for energy and vitality as a busy mom of two, Montag found Hydroxycut to be a perfect addition to her routine, providing essential multivitamins and boosting her energy levels for daily activities.

In addition to incorporating Hydroxycut into her regimen, Montag underscores the significance of maintaining a balanced diet and staying active. She emphasizes the importance of weightlifting and engaging in outdoor activities like hiking and playing soccer with her children, instilling healthy habits that she hopes to pass down to her sons.

Montag’s commitment to a healthy lifestyle is echoed by Pratt, who is also on a health journey of his own. While they once shared a competitive spirit in the gym, Pratt now supports Montag’s solo workouts, prioritizing her well-being and self-care.

Ultimately, Montag’s focus remains on being the healthiest mom she can be for her children, emphasizing the importance of self-care and finding support from loved ones. With Pratt’s encouragement and dedication to personal wellness, Montag thrives as she continues her journey toward optimal health and happiness.

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