Trisha Paytas and Moses Hacmon Expecting Baby #2

Maternity shoot
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YouTube Sensation Trisha Paytas shares the joy of pregnancy

Influencer and YouTube star Trisha Paytas delighted fans yesterday with the announcement of her second pregnancy alongside husband Moses Hacmon. The couple, who welcomed their first child, Malibu Barbie, just over a year ago, revealed the exciting news via an Instagram post featuring a heartwarming family photo.

In the Instagram caption, Trisha expressed her gratitude, stating, “Thankful,” while sharing an adorable snapshot of herself, Moses, and their 14-month-old daughter Malibu Barbie holding a sonogram. The due date for the newest addition to the family is set for May 2024.

Adding an extra touch of personal flair, the couple has already chosen a name for their forthcoming bundle of joy, irrespective of gender. True to Trisha’s admiration for the late King of Rock ‘n’ Roll, they’ve decided to name the baby “Elvis.”

The revelation unfolded on Trisha’s “Just Trish” podcast, where she dedicated an episode titled “Trisha is PREGNANT With Baby Elvis” to share the details. Surprisingly, Trisha discovered the pregnancy on October 3, which she humorously pointed out is Mean Girls Day.

Despite initial setbacks and a negative test result at a doctor’s visit two weeks prior, the couple persisted in their efforts to expand their family. Trisha confessed, “It’s just really hard for us to get pregnant. We’d try, try, try every single day, and then it doesn’t happen.” However, a subsequent test taken five weeks later yielded the happy news they had been eagerly awaiting.

In a departure from their first pregnancy announcement, Trisha and Moses opted to keep this joyful secret under wraps for a while. While the couple didn’t elaborate on their decision, Trisha shared, “It’s been so weird to keep it a secret.”

Looking ahead, Trisha confirmed that Baby Elvis would be the final addition to their family. She succinctly stated, “We’re done after this, by the way!”

As anticipation builds, fans are already witnessing Malibu Barbie embracing her future role as a big sister. Trisha excitedly shared, “She has a little baby she feeds. She came to one of our appointments with us and was looking at the baby!”

Moses chimed in with a smile, predicting, “Malibu is going to be such a great older sister.”


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