TikToker Receives Lifetime Ban from Disney World

Credit: Unsplash

The mouse does not forgive, the mouse does not forget.

I don’t make a habit of watching videos of people being obnoxious in public, but I do get the appeal; if you can see someone else making a nuisance of themselves in front of others, you don’t have to indulge the sinister urge to do it yourself. Such entertainment is much more popular in the era of TikTok (just as it was in the era of Vine), though the establishments where these videos take place don’t seem especially enthused by it.

Jason Jeter, also known as Jete, is a TikTok creator with over a million followers on the platform. Apparently, Jeter is a dyed-in-the-wool Disney fanatic, and his favorite place to spend time is at Walt Disney World resort and hotel in Orlando, Florida. Jeter actually used to work at the resort, but was fired for making TikToks of him drinking from the decorative fountains and exploring restricted areas without proper authorization or supervision. He continued to visit the park as a guest, but after several more TikToks of him engaging in shenanigans around the park, it seems management had finally had enough.

On Tuesday, when Jeter stopped by the Disney World Hotel for lunch, he returned to his car, only to be intercepted by local police officers with a written warning. “The worst happened,” Jeter said in his video. “As soon as I get out of the car, Orange County Police Department pulls up. [They said] ‘Hi, Jason Jeter, we have a trespass warning for you from Disney. You’re no longer allowed on the property.’”

“Then they’re like, hey, also, just to add insult to injury, ‘It’s a lifetime ban,’” Jeter continued. “I can never go back to Disney — ever.” He left the resort, taking several pictures and videos as he left, with one video showing a security vehicle following him until he was completely off the premises.

Remember, kids, if you’re making silly internet videos, try to do it in a public place. ‘Cause if you do it on private property, things like this happen.

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